Btrieve Error 20

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Btrieve Error 20

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This worked for me. I skipped 1., 2., 3., and 4. went strait to 5. Logged in Regedit.exe as Admin ... uickVision

Btrieve Error 20 - QuickVision

Please Follow Below instruction carefully as it will instruct you how to fix Btrieve Error 20:

1. Log in to non-admin User account

2. Make sure that UAC and Firewall are on

3. Make sure UAC is at the correct level as factory OS it will have a bold line indicating where it needs to be.

4. Then add this exe to the firewall [mj32.exe], [RegisterVddsMedia.exe], [VDDS.exe], [W32MKDE.exe] in Juliew folder or Owandy/QuickVision folder add all [exe] to the firewall.

5. We need to give permissions to Btrieve technologies Folder in the registry Please go to [Run] type: [regedit] if your machine is 64bit this is folder structure as [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\[Btrieve Technologies] if you have 32bit registry structure is [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\[Btrieve technologies]

6. Give permission by [Right-Clicking] the Folder [Btrieve technologies] a drop down will appear then click [Permission] then click [FULL Rights].

7. When you get [Permissions denied please do the following] go to [Run] Type [regedit] then [Right Click and Run as Administrator] Then give [Full Right to non-admin user]

8. If you cannot give rights to the folder please contact your IT or if you are with the IT please tell him to give the folder rights so that the software can run on the non-admin user.

9. QuickVision needs Btrieve Technologies in full rights as its part of Communication of DB as when you click the software to run it will first establish a communication through Btrieve DB. This is is how it functions when I did all of my research.
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