MBBSEmu Misbehaving & Crashing?

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MBBSEmu Misbehaving & Crashing?

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Emulator Development and Software Development isn't for the faint of heart, but we truly believe the best way to test is with help from the community running the software in addition to the development team! It'd be such a waste of time spending MONTHS testing on only one system just to have it blow up because of a minor difference on someone else's computer. :P

That being said, please let the team know if you're running into issues!
How do I report an issue?

Our official Issue Tracker is on GitHub (link). Issues you report there will be sent to team members and you'll be able to track the progress as your issue is picked up and worked on by a member of the Development Community.

Through GitHub Issue Tracker, you'll also be notified when an automated build is struck with your fix included so you can test to make sure everything is working after the fix. :geek:

This Forum

Don't have/want a GitHub account? Not a problem!

You can report your issue to this forum and a member of the team will copy your issue over to GitHub for tracking. You won't receive the same automated tracking options you'd get with a GitHub account, but the team will keep you up-to-date here on the forums as to the status of your issue.

Can I fix it myself?
Totally! :D

We believe that as a community our collective knowledge and capability is far beyond that of any single developer, which is why our project is Open Source and on GitHub.

If you want to take a stab at fixing it yourself, there are many folks here on the forum or Discord who are happy to help you crack open the code base and diagnose the problem. Once you've fixed the issue, submit a Pull Request through GitHub and the team will review your change and merge it in when everything looks good.

Remember -- the team is happy to help! We have contributors who have submitted PR's for MBBSEmu who, before working on MBBSEmu, had never coded a line of C# before in their life. There's a wide range of areas in MBBSEmu that are friendly for beginners or challenging even for the most seasoned veteran.
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