Linux Telnet Incorrect/Missing ANSI

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Linux Telnet Incorrect/Missing ANSI

Post by enusbaum »

Are you connecting to MBBSEmu using the Linux telnet client and you're not getting ANSI or the screen looks weird?

The issue is most likely you're running MBBSEmu on a port other than 23 (ports below 1024 require MBBSEmu to run as sudo), the Linux Telnet client will treat your connection as a raw serial connection and will not negotiate Telnet IAC or handle Extended ASCII Characters.

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To fix this, you can connect using the following command line:

telnet -- localhost -port (replacing port with the port MBBSEmu is running on)

An example command line to connect to MBBSEmu on Port 5000:

telnet -- localhost -5000

This isn't an MBBSEmu specific issue, but how the Linux telnet client makes assumptions on protocol based on the Telnet port. :geek:
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Re: Linux Telnet Incorrect/Missing ANSI

Post by TheCheese »

Thanks for the tip! I definitely ran into the problem of being able to login, though I was able to do an annoying work around with

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^]mode character
before logging in. Your solution is much simpler.

However, I still don't get the correct ANSI graphics with it. I was able to work around this part by wrapping the telnet command with cp437 (from, eg:

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cp437 telnet -- localhost -2323
Do you have some other telnet or terminal setting that supports that codepage?
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