News (5/3/21)

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News (5/3/21)

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Time for another MBBSEmu update!

It's crazy to look back at a year ago (almost to the week) we were just starting to dig our teeth into MajorMUD to see what would be required to support it within the emulator. Little did we know what we were signing up for! :lol:

Over the past couple months, @paladine has been absolutely crushing it working on getting support for 16-Bit MZ EXE files loading properly in MBBSEmu so they can run within the context of MBBSEmu, without needing any external emulators. This was critical for EXE's that made use of the Btrieve APIs loaded into DOS, as MBBSEmu converts the Btrieve .DAT files to SQLite, so we needed an implementation that interacted with the SQLite files. Hence why we couldn't just run these EXE's in an external emulator such as DOSBox.

With todays release of the latest MBBSEmu Alpha, we can say with tepid confidence that MajorMUD 1.11p is supported by MBBSEmu... or at least enough to load it and play it. None of the active developers on the project are MajorMUD players so our ability to test and really put the game through the ringer is limited. We're going to be leaning on YOU to help us test this newly supported Module.

Head over to THIS thread for more information on how you can help with testing!

We'll post tutorials here in the coming week or so on how to run MajorMUD on Linux, or host games like Tele-Arena or Farwest Trivia from your Mystic or Synchronet BBS through Rlogin :geek:

What's Next?
MBBSEmu still has a ton left that needs doing!

We still have Issues spanning several Modules that need to be addressed.

Work is being done right now on a cross platform GUI interface (using Terminal.GUI, similar to ncurses), which would allow our users to have something if they're in search of a more classic MajorBBS Interface with a more interactive feel. More news hopefully to come on this soon!

Exciting stuff and more coming every day! :)
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