News (4/18/21)

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News (4/18/21)

Post by enusbaum »

Hey Folks!

Tons of PR's have been merged in the past couple weeks into the main branch around support for MajorMUD, DOS EXE files, and other bug fixes! We're waiting on solidifying MajorMUD support before tagging another official release. As always though, if you're up to help with some testing, you can grab the latest build from our Automated Build system here: link


@paladine has been hard at work continuing the build out of MajorMUD support with MBBSEmu. The latest round of progress has been around additional support for DOS EXE's, specifically supporting WCCMMUTL through MBBSEmu during cleanup and startup of MajorMUD.

We can confirm on the latest automated build of MBBSEmu, MajorMUD 1.11g and the MajorMUD Utility run and everything is fully operational. WCCMMUTL executes during startup/cleanup and performs all the necessary operations on the Btrieve files! This magic was enabled by implementing all the Btrieve API calls through their DOS Interrupt counterpart INT 7Bh. DOS programs use that interrupt to interact with the memory resident Btrieve driver that's loaded on DOS startup. If it can't locate INT 7Bh, you'll get one of the following errors:
  • Btrieve Is Not Loaded
    Rn BTRIEVE /P:2048 first, before running this program!
With the implementation of INT 7Bh in MBBSEmu, folks will no longer need to run DOSBox/QEMU or rely on the moldy old Btrieve Drivers for DOS any longer. True freedom to run your favorite MBBS/WG games on any platform you like! :D

We're in the process of putting a package together of MajorMUD 1.11p for DOS WG which will work with MBBSEmu. The issue is with 1.11p, West Coast Creations updated the schema for WCCUSERS.DAT. We have to manually fix/patch the file to work properly but once the patch is in place everything seems to work really well!
But what still doesn't work?
Funny enough, WCCMMUTL.EXE doesn't output anything to the console window... yet. While we have support in MBBSEmu for a majority of stdio and conio operations through INT 21h, there's still something not quite right that is keeping the MajorMUD utility from reporting status to the console.

Hysterically the INT 10h (video interrupt) implementations are correct, so while the EXE is running you'll see the cursor moving all over the screen as the program updates its position expecting output to follow :lol: Soooooo, yeah, we're still working on that!

You can follow all the work around both DOS EXE and MajorMUD support on the MBBSEmu Discord, or the project GitHub! :geek:

Who knows, perhaps in the coming weeks MBBSEmu will be able to even run the original installers that came with most Major BBS/Worldgroup modules! :P
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Re: News (4/18/21)

Post by Paladine »

MajorMUD should be ready for testing! I confess I don't know much about the game so I can't really test many scenarios in it.
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