News (4/8/21)

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News (4/8/21)

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As you obviously know by now if you're reading this, we've listened to the feedback from folks who have reached out via email that they weren't comfortable with using Discord (for various reasons) but still wanted support/needed some help.

To that end, we've decided to cover all our bases and spin up a small forum where the MBBSEmu community can interact in addition to the Discord Server. Here the same team of folks available for real-time support on Discord are available to help anyone who might be having issues getting MBBSEmu running on their computer or perhaps running into bugs while trying to play their favorite game.

We'll also be moving the News updates from the website to this forum as well just to consolidate information.

So, a quick overview of the MBBSEmu internet presence:
  • Website - Easy to use portal for the most commonly downloaded items (latest Stable Release, Popular Modules, etc.)
  • GitHub - Repository of the Source Code, Builds, Releases, and our Issue Tracker
  • Forums - Community Support & News Updates
  • Wiki - An archive of information including Support Articles and preserving the original shareware/demo installers for Modules
  • Discord - Real-Time Support, Development Team discussions, and General Shenanigans :lol:
All are welcome! :D
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