Stable Alpha - v1.0-alpha-010622

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Stable Alpha - v1.0-alpha-010622

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Work continues on gracefully supporting MajorMUD within MBBSEmu and allowing MegaMUD to script properly. :D

6 PR's are included in this Release.

Highlights Include:

Enhanced MajorMUD Support
#529, #530, #532
  • Additional Word Wrapping support through BTUSW addresses issues with MegaMUD
  • Python Script included to modify player XP of a MajorMUD Character loaded in MBBSEmu SQLite Database
  • Fixed Store Item Name Truncation
Enhancements & Upgrades
  • #531, #536: Upgrade SQLite NuGet to 6.0.1
  • #535: Additional Unit Tests for sprintf
You can download this release for Windows, Linux, OSX, or Raspberry Pi: here.
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