Stable Alpha - v1.0-alpha-010222

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Stable Alpha - v1.0-alpha-010222

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Happy New Year!

This is the 2-Year Anniversary Build of MBBSEmu, as it was exactly two years ago on 1/2/2020 when the first Public Alpha was released to the public.

24 PR's are included in this Release with a focus on improving support for MajorMUD and the MegaMUD client within MBBSEmu.

Highlights Include:

Enhanced MajorMUD Support
#525, #521, #519, #517, #496
  • MegaMUD support added by properly implementing Line Break support so text properly wraps depending on the terminal window
  • Input Issues where [c]\r[/c] commands were ignored have been addressed
  • When running the MajorMUD Utility EXE, force the Terminal to VT100 mode so INT 10h calls render ANSI to move the cursor properly
  • Enhancements to FSD Emulation for character creation
  • Pair this build with mbbsemu-docker and you can run your own MajorMUD instance in a Docker container!
SoftPatch Support
#478, #479, #481
  • SoftPatch allows you to apply hex/text patches to modules without having to edit the underlying file
  • First phase of a longer term Modification System being built into MBBSEmu allowing for Mods to be coded for existing Games.
Full-Screen Editor
#430, #453:
  • Initial Support for emulating the MajorBBS/Worldgroup Full Screen Editor
Enhancements & Upgrades
  • #514: MBBSEmu updated to .NET 6
  • #495: STATUS refactored to be a FIFO Queue
  • #493: Gender Support, allowing people to specify Genders supported by MajorBBS/Worldgroup (M/F) at signup
All this in addition to a new x86 Opcodes, APIs, and Unit Tests!

You can download this release for Windows, Linux, OSX, or Raspberry Pi: here.
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