Stable Alpha - v1.0-alpha-050321

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Stable Alpha - v1.0-alpha-050321

Post by enusbaum »

61 (! :shock: !) PR's included in this Release.

Highlights Include:

DOS MZ EXE Support
#431, #435, #436, #437, #438, #440, #442, #444, #448, #463, #464, #467, #468, #471, #473, #476, #478
  • This is a HUGE update to support DOS MZ EXE's to be executed within MBBSEmu, allowing offline utilities to be executed within the context of MBBSEmu without the need for external applications or third party emulators
  • Includes full Interrupt 0x7Bh support for Emulated Btrieve Driver support by DOS EXE files
  • Memory Subsystem refactor to support both Real-Mode and Protected-Mode Memory
  • Relocation Patching for MZ EXE Files
  • Basic INT 21h (DOS API) and INT 10h (BIOS Video API) implementations
  • Manually run MZ EXE files using the -exe flag
  • Add-On Utilities Defined in Module MDF Files will now execute during Cleanup
  • Shoutout to @paladine for doing the heavy lifting! :ugeek:
MajorMUD 1.11p Support
#478, #479, #481
  • MajorMUD 1.11p will now initialize and run within MBBSEmu!
  • DOS MZ EXE Supports the running of WCCMMUTL.EXE during cleanup so it can perform its Btrieve operations
  • Please test and report any issues!
Hot Enable/Disable Module Support
#430, #453
  • MBBSEmu now supports enabling/disabling modules while the system is running (without restarting)
  • These commands have been added to [c]/SYS[/c] commands
  • Modules need to be enumerated in the modules.json config file to be a target for Hot Enable/Disable support
Worldgroup 3 NT Rlogin Fixes
  • Enabling WG3NT compatibilty mode for Rlogin will prevent "extra characters" from showing up when performing an Rlogin from WG3NT to MBBSEmu
All this in addition to a ton of new x86 Opcodes, APIs, and Unit Tests! One of the largest MBBSEmu releases to date!
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