v1.0-alpha-031522 + MajorMUD Info

Officially tagged Releases on GitHub for MBBSEmu
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v1.0-alpha-031522 + MajorMUD Info

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We just tagged the latest Alpha build of MBBSEmu which can be downloaded here:


The focus of the most recent Releases has been stabilizing issues with emulating MajorMUD 1.11p allowing MegaMUD to script without issue. While we still have some issues, things are starting to stabilize with more testing and more issue reporting.

An "MBBSEmu Ready" copy of MajorMUD 1.11p is available on our Wiki and can be downloaded directly here.

Thank you again to the community for the emails and folks that pop into Discord with words of support for the folks who have given their time to continuing the development of MBBSEmu going on three years in.

Here are some FAQ's related to MajorMUD + MBBSEmu we get most frequently on Discord:

Q: I keep getting the following message when trying to play MajorMUD:
We're sorry, but you do not have the appropriate key to play this game. Please ask your sysop for access. I get this as sysop and as my own account
A: Out of the Box, MajorMUD requires users have the PAYING key. You can add this key to every user by adding it to the Account.DefaultKeys option in appsettings.json or change the required key by modifying the appropriate value in wccmmud.msg

Q: When I first start MajorMUD it takes a while to start and looks like it's not doing anything?
A: The MajorMUD offline utility is called on startup and during cleanup/shutdown. Because the offline utility is a DOS EXE, we do not fully support how it writes to the local screen (via DOS interrupts). While it will run successfully it won't output any status/UI for now. This might be something we'll add down the line if it becomes an issue vs. a visual nuisance.

Q: Can I use Nightmare to edit MajorMUD when using MBBSEmu?
A: Yes* and No* 😉

Yes in that you can modify the original .DAT files using Nightmare before you first run MajorMUD. At which point MBBSEmu will convert the data in the .DAT files over to SQLite, at which point you can no longer use Nightmare to make modifications.

THAT BEING SAID -- we are currently working on a drop in replacement for wbtrv32.dll which is a replacement Btrieve Driver which uses the MBBSEmu SQLite files vs. the old .DAT files. This would allow tools such as Nightmare to work with zero code changes. More to come on this 😀
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