MajorMUD (WCCMMUD) Support

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MajorMUD (WCCMMUD) Support

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So -- real talk -- MBBSEmu has a complicated relationship with MajorMUD. :lol:

There are two primary components for MajorMUD to work properly:
  1. The Module Itself
  2. The External Utility (WCCMUDUTL.EXE)
First, let's discuss the module itself.

WCCMMUD has been supported through MBBSEmu since October 2020 where we posted an update to our now closed Patreon (link to update) discussing the last "gotcha" required to properly Emulate the runtime environment required for MajorMUD.

Since then, if you have a properly initialized Btrieve .DAT file for MajorMUD, you're good to go!
Properly Initialized?
Yeah, this is where things get a little tricky. MajorMUD Sysops are well aware of WCCMUDUTL, which is an offline utility and standalone executable that was packaged with MajorMUD. This EXE file, which performs cleanup & recovery operations on the MajorMUD Btrieve files also applies the initial update (depending on which Mods you have active) to the MajorMUD Btrieve files upon startup.

As of this posting, MBBSEmu is currently being enhanced to support the execution of standalone EXE files within MBBSEmu. The primary reason for this support being built into MBBSEmu (versus using DOSBox + DOS Btrieve Driver) is due to MBBSEmu converting Btrieve .DAT files to SQLite .DB files -- meaning once you're up and running in MBBSEmu, the original .DAT files are no longer used. Meaning any utility that is designed to modify the original Btrieve files will be modifying files that are not used.

Additionally, building EXE support into MBBSEmu will allow us to properly emulate the Btrieve API calls (Interrupts), intercepting them similar to how they're handled within MBBSEmu for Major BBS & Worldgroup Modules, and convert them internally to work with the new SQLite format files.
So how can I play MajorMUD using MBBSEmu today?
You have a couple options when it comes to running MajorMUD in MBBSEmu:

1. Initialize MajorMUD using MBBS/WG & Copy Files
This option isn't pretty as it requires you to get MBBS/WG up and running in a DOS environment (you can use Free Edition), and then running through at least one startup event with MajorMUD installed in order to let the offline utility perform its first run setting up the .DAT Files.

Once that run is complete, you can point MBBSEmu at the same folder your MajorMUD installation is in and you're good to go.


2. Use our pre-packaged ZIP File :D

We've already gone through the above steps for you and got all the files packaged up in one easy ZIP file. The provided version of MajorMUD is 1.11g (we're working on packaging 1.11p for DOS) and it's a DEMO version, so you'll need to bring your own code.

You can download it from: here

Unzip and it's as easy as:

MBBSEmu -m WCCMMUD -p pathToDll

Bingo Bango! :lol:

Feel free to reply to this thread if you need any help or if you're running into issues. I'll update this post over time to reflect enhancements to MBBSEmu.
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