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[SoftPatch] Tele-Arena 5.6d-Gold "Godmode"

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2022 9:33 am
by enusbaum
Are you having problems in a specific area of Tele-Arena? You want to just run around with your friends and not worry about death while collecting your runes? Well here's your solution!

This MBBSEmu SoftPatch for Tele-Arena 5.6d-Gold disables all damage a player can take in TA from multiple sources (Player Attack/Spells, Monster Attack/Spells, Traps, etc.) :lol: So go forth and conquer with your Robes and Stick knowing that you can now adventure in the Flagstones wearing only your birthday suit as armor and still be protected from the elements.

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    "Name": "Tele-Arena Godmode",
    "Description": "Prevents Players from taking damage in Tele-Arena",
    "CRC32": "09C174E7",
    "Addresses": [
    "PatchType": "Hex",
    "Patch": "90909090"
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