Looking for an old Major BBS / Worldgroup Game?

A place for enthusiasts to discuss their favorite MajorBBS 6.25 & Worldgroup 2.0 Modules and perhaps try and find one that you've been unable to locate!
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Looking for an old Major BBS / Worldgroup Game?

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Are you looking for an old module you used to play on a Major BBS or Worldgroup BBS back in the day? Are you unable to find it anywhere? Let us help! :D

The MajorBBS Emulation Project has access to a large (if not THE largest) archive of Shareware/Freeware/Demo modules for The Major BBS and Worldgroup spanning 80+ ISV's. We have Modules as you most likely remember them in their original format (before being bought/sold/rebranded).

There are many folks on the project Discord who can help you find the module you're looking for, or you can also post your request here if Discord isn't your thing! :)
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