Gunfighter (AKA Brawl) Clone!

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Gunfighter (AKA Brawl) Clone!

Post by enusbaum »

Wanted to share a link to this very cool project where this person, through reverse engineering and studying how the game worked, was able to create a clone of Gunfighter (aka Brawl) by InfiNetwork for The Major BBS 6.25 that compiles to be binary identical to the actual Gunfighter module!

Very cool project to see both how this module worked as well as how it operated as a Teleconference plugin. I'm thankful there are still people in the community willing to share herculean efforts like this so it can not only be preserved, but also so younger folks can learn more about The Major BBS!

Swing by and give the author a star and some love for his work! :D
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